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October 1, 2013
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Pawroo Species: ++open++ by CoffeeBeanFox Pawroo Species: ++open++ by CoffeeBeanFox


☆Male pawroos have small tusks on their bottom jaw; they do not grow very big. They have small claws on their front paws, unlike the females. Males are often goofing off or acting lazy; the only food they help gather is fruits and other non-living foods. They don't enjoy hunting, or fishing, and much prefer to laze around with friends or cubs.

☆Female pawroos do all the hunting. Both male and female pawroos enjoy eating both meat(sometimes fish) or vegetation. Females have a very low sex-drive, but the males do not. Females use their large claws to dig for both bugs and to create dens to live in.

☆Pawroos are known for collecting bugs, and stealing bird eggs to keep.

☆Pawroos' sizes are around the same as a baby bear when fully grown.

☆Mother pawroos are extremely protective of their babies. If something threatens the life of their cubs, they are willing to kill to protect their babies; even if it is another pawroo.

☆Pawroos mainly live in tropical forest areas. They like to dig their own dens, or live in a cave. Pawroos are willing to attack another animal in a cave in order to take the cave for themselves.


。Do not adopt if you are unwilling to use the pawroo.
。Please ask before changing the pawroo's assigned gender.
。Do no resell, trade, or give away. (yes you may buy one for someone else, though)
。Do no clam as your own creation or design
。Do not design your own

(top first, bottom last)
1: open. 600:points: or $6
2: open. 600:points: or $6
3: open. 600:points: or $6

(top first, bottom last)
4: open. 700:points: or $7
5: open. 700:points: or $7
6: open. 700:points: or $7

Pawroo species © =CoffeeBeanFox, this is a closed species, so I won't be making customs or allowing anyone to make any.
Paint Tool Sai.
prysmyr Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh dear! They are quite cute.
CoffeeBeanFox Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you~
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